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Condemned Gas Boilers

After a breakdown or service call, the Gas Safe Registered Engineer condemns your Gas Boiler. You are left in the cold, holding a Warning/Advice Notice that you really don't understand and a Warning label on the boiler. Wondering where you are going to get £000's for a new boiler.

Is a new boiler your only option? Perhaps not! For a second opinion call 07733258744

If you have a condemned boiler, in 90% of cases, we are able to make it work safely and legally again.

By now, you are asking yourself "how can one engineer condemn the boiler and another claim , he can get the boiler to work safely and legally again?" Can they both be right ? "YES"

The engineer who condemned the boiler, was right in issuing a Warning/Advice Notice, labelling the boiler and turning it off. The boiler or installation may have failed due to a number of reasons, which are critical to the safe and legal operation of the boiler. The engineer may have simplified or suggested the only option was a "new boiler". Perhaps the engineer is not experienced in fault finding and repair - due to mainly doing installation and servicing.

Our engineer is also right - after the remedial work is done and the boiler put back into operation, we will carry out an in depth testing of the boiler and issue you with an official safety certificate.

We will happily supply you with all the contact details of GAS SAFE, the Government appointed organisation who ensure the safety of Gas installations respectively.

There are those 10% of cases where the cost of repairs would be excessive and possibly difficult to carry out. Perhaps the spares are no longer available. A free quotation for a new boiler would be supplied in these situations.

To summarise, if you don't want to spend thousands of pounds on a new boiler, the existing boiler need not be replaced. Perhaps, repairs for a fraction of that cost would be the option. Call 07733258744 to book an appointment

A £65.00 fee applies - a snip, to get the facts and real costs of making your condemned boiler work safely and legally again.

Condemned boiler

Condemned boiler

condemned boiler - gas safe registered engineer

Our Gas Safe registered engineer testing condemned boiler

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