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Building Regulations: Part L for Heating Systems

Part L

Between April 2005 and 1st October 2010, all new and replacement boilers were condensing High Efficiency (HE) (Sedbuk A or B). As of 1st October 2010 only A rated gas boilers can now be installed.

On very rare occasions, where these boilers cannot easily be installed due to location and cost factors, an Exception can be given, based on a points scoring system. And a standard efficiency boiler can then be installed.


All radiators to be fitted with thermostatic radiator valves (TRV's), apart from the radiator installed in the same room as the room thermostat.

A room thermostat must be installed, to provide boiler interlock and improve efficiency of system (i.e. prevent system running non-stop after desired temperature is reached) thus saving you on heating bills.

Boiler interlock must be provided, i.e. a device that turns the boiler off when a set temperature is reached (room thermostat/cylinder timer/stat).

In a traditional system (tanks in loft, cylinder in airing cupboard and boiler separate), a full controls upgrade is usually required to include:

  • Room thermostat
  • Cylinder thermostat
  • S or Y plan motorised valves
  • Programmer

Who is legally allowed to install or repair my boiler or central heating?

Competent persons have to prove compentency by undergoing set training and being registered to the various registration bodies. This allows them to legally and safely work on Oil, Gas and Central Heating. Don't let any unregistered non competent person try to hoodwink you to the contrary. Any work they undertake may be dangerous and devalue your property, as well as landing you in hot water, for allowing them to work illegally on "controlled services" - namely your Oil & Gas boilers, appliances and central heating system.

All registered businesses/installers had to complete Part L (Domestic energy efficiency) to be allowed, to continue installing and repairing Boilers and heating systems.

  • This is clearly stated in Building Regulations - Section 2.1.2 Existing Buildings:
  • Part L1 of the Building Regulations applies to work on "controlled services" or "fittings" in existing dwellings, as well as in new ones. Certain types of heating system are "controlled", including central heating systems with boilers. Alterations to controlled services or fittings require a Building Control Notice, unless they are carried out by a recognised competent person to self certify the work.
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